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Currently on tour with Mind of a Snail


Summer 2017 Fringe Tour:
Toronto Fringe Festival July 7th-16 (world premiere)
Edmonton Fringe Aug 17-27
Vancouver Fringe Sept 7-17

We’re all just projections, man.

A surreal personal hygiene ritual. A dramatic sub-plot featuring an affair between brushes. Weirdness out the wazoo!

Mind of a Snail’s new shadow theatre show is a gender and genre-bending surrealist comedy for adults (18+). Audiences can expect some bizarre and hilarious nudity (including using the nude body as a projection surface) and Mind of a Snail’s colourful, playful, and unique approach to shadow theatre performance.

A woman, tired of being objectified, steals a magical paintbrush and ends up getting flushed down the toilet with a pair of sentient toothbrushes. She must decide whether to follow her old internalized script, or release this script and love herself for who she really is.

The story is told using physical comedy, overhead projectors and live video projection. Also featured is an original musical soundtrack, composed and recorded by Chloe Ziner & Jessica Gabriel, the two creator/performers of MULTIPLE ORGANISM.



spring time
everything crawling
& out
as the wind doze blow
my sad in festering joyous self
through wires
musicality draws life onwards endlessly
the way typing this out is a naturally budding thing
Am I a plant? I wish I was a plant.
I think I am a plant.
reaching towards the sun?
everything downpours eventually
sew this is all just water flowing
melting freezing melting pouring pooling
this is air
makes a sound

music reaches directly into the softcore of my being

dissecting every line
speaks into the centre of my bleating heart
why would i ever stop listening?
being seen. being heard. being truly sound.
that’s the rub.
glut of stories untold untelling

life is beautiful and in puddles


wee fondle and finger the absent image
it still burns













oval shapes

ups wells

affixed into

t h in   a i r


that familiar gaping feeling

(the one we were borne with)

dampens every crevasse

for ever (giving berth)


wet seeps into dry

wearing a way at the edges

pressing oneself against itself

weeps intuit


( m u m   i s   cr y in g )


forwards   r e c ed e s



Great emptiness as

simple as that went

So straight before-


had not been able

then not being idle

went absent away


Now faith is not what we

hereafter have we have a

world resting on nothing


Rest was never more than

abstract since it is empty

reality we cannot escape


from “Souls of the Labadie Tract” by Susan Howe