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Starring: a frosty log, moss, crows, branches, shells, slugs, snow, bath water ripples, eyes, bubble wrap, time…

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MULTIPLE ORGANISM is Pick of the Fringe! That means there’s another chance to see it on Sunday at 6pm, at Performance Works on Granville Island.
This show is for ADULTS 18+
Tickets $25 available online:

★★★★★ “Daring … raunchy … ingenious” -VueWeekly

“The show’s freewheeling inventiveness, technical precision, visual and acoustic texture, and giddy transgressiveness make it a must-see for anyone who appreciates artistic risk—and wildly original success.” – Georgia Straight Multiple Organism review

WINNER – Pick of the Fringe, Vancouver
WINNER – Artistic Risk Award, Vancouver Fringe
WINNER – Georgia Straight Critic’s Choice Award
WINNER – Cultchivating The Fringe Award, Presented by The Cultch

Review from Colin Thomas:
September 9, 2017
“Yay bodies! Yay sex! Yay pooping!
In Multiple Organism, Chloé Ziner and Jessica Gabriel from Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., celebrate all the glorious weirdness of being embodied. And they throw in a generous spin on gender norms to boot.
In this wildly risk-taking and welcome new show, they tell the story of an objectified artists’ model who falls into the toilet with a couple of toothbrushes, and…Just wait. It’s worth it.
Their theatrical techniques are terrific. Using overhead projectors, they create a kind of wacky shadow puppetry. Like regular actors do, they also play characters, and, in a fantastically surreal device, they use their bodies as projection surfaces.
There is a kind of genius in the combination of abandon and skill that Ziner and Gabriel bring to this piece. Before this, I didn’t understand Mind of a Snail’s popularity. But I get it now. I am a Snailhead.”


Vancouver Fringe Feature: Multiple Organism

the real /darryl

The creators of last years’ Pick of the Fringe, Curious Contagious are back!

Taking on topics of gender and identity, Mind of a Snail‘s Multiple Organism presents a surreal, bizarre, and hilarious shadow spectacle only for adults

Pictured: Jessica Gabriel; Photo by: Chloe Ziner

Multiple Organism is the new creation of Vancouver based Mind of a Snail.  The duo consisting of Chloe Ziner and Jessica Gabriel, has been developing multilayered styles of visual storytelling using overhead projectors as their main light source.  While Ziner composed, mixed, and played every instrument in the the accompanying music, Gabriel created all the puppets.

Mind of a Snails’ previous work, Curious Contagious and Caws & Effect won awards in London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Vancouver Fringes.

Recommended for adults 18+, Multiple Organism plays at the Firehall Arts Centre  as part of the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival September 07 to 17.

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